Our Story

Similar to Ashley, Thornless Thistle was born and raised from Kentucky soil. After redoing their current farmhouse, Ashley’s husband Chad bought her several hobby gardening books. From there, Thornless Thistle has bloomed from hand-tied bouquets at the local farmer’s market, to a tangle of floral beds that now produces hundreds of bouquets each season. With a focus on antique and heirloom varieties made new, Ashley’s goal is to mirror the natural movement and flow of flowers trellising in nature, and the blending of colors and shapes that one only finds in the wild.

An open field production, Thornless Thistle strives to be as sustainable and organic as possible. Each seed is germinated right on her farm, and each month brings new flowers and new bouquets, each design unique and handcrafted. Her often delicate blooms are cut within 24 hours, making them a particular treat for local customers. 

Amazed at the incredible growth and support, Thornless Thistle has grown in the three years since it started, and Ashley’s dreams are growing alongside. Always with an eye for the importance of heritage, Ashley is continuing to think of new ways to educate and partner with the community about the importance of local agricultural movements and sustainability. 

As a second chapter unfolds for Thornless Thistle, the shop on the farm has opened its doors. With an emphasis on our farm-grown florals, houseplants, and all the lovely accents that can make a home. We specialize in fresh and modern pieces that can be arranged like our flowers, with a dreamy rhythm. We invite you to come visit and see what you think!